Our vision

We are not just a brand, we are a statement. We envision a future where anyone who wishes to explore and express their gender identity has access to high-quality products that support them on this journey. We strive to build a space where diversity is celebrated, and comfort and confidence are ensured through our products.

What we really do?

We are dedicated to the art of creating exceptional crossdressing accessories and not only. Each piece we produce in our workshop is a blend of craftsmanship and passion - from the meticulous sculpting of the mold to the finishing touches and final painting. Our extensive portfolio includes a variety of breast forms, muscles, masks, bellies, body suits, and more all made from the finest medical-grade silicone. Our goal is to provide products that not only look good but also feel good, guaranteeing the comfort and security of our customers.

History of beginning

Our journey started with a passion and a market need. We noticed that many existing crossdressing products were of inferior quality and often caused irritations. So, we set out to be different. We employed our expertise in the field and the desire to support the transgender, ladyboy, and crossdressing community to develop superior products. We dedicated ourselves to using the highest quality medical-grade silicone, the best available on the market, to offer products that do not cause irritations unlike our competitors. Today, we take pride in being one of the top brands in the community, continuing to provide our customers with products that help them feel safe, comfortable, and authentic.